Zendaya – ‘Something New’

Wanna try something new all night? Zendaya has just the thing for you.

You may be thinking Zenwho? Fear not, that was my immediate thought, but Zendaya isn’t actually a new contender in the music industry – she’s been gradually foraying into the music industry after emerging from the omnipotent Haus of Disney. That’s right, she’s here to snatch Selena’s wig, y’all. She was also one of the many femme fatales in T-Swizzle’s Bad Blood, so you HAVE seen her before… and you know someone’s serious business when Taylor Swift (aka THE music industry) is interested.

Anyway, Zenslaya promoted Something New during the 2016 GRAMMYS – where she also debuted her new role as an easy breezy beautiful CoverGirl. Speaking of Breezy – look who features on the track. Chris bloody Brown. It’s actually difficult to find a track he isn’t on these days – someone’s obviously piggybacking off Nicki Minaj’s never-say-no-to-a-feature success.

At first I was a little cautious of the track, I mean featuring the instrumental from TLC’s chart topping Creep is a dangerous move – essentially exposing Zendaya to all of the LEAVE TLC ALONE haters. But you know what? I really like the single. It blurs that fine line between family friendly and inappropriately suggestive lyrics – which is the same as EVERY. DAMN. SONG. I. LISTENED. TO. AS. A. CHILD.