Zayn – ‘It’s You’

Lana Del Rey called, she's returned from getting high by the beach and wants her cinematography back.

It looks like Zayn’s making the most of the Pillow Talk attention, as barely two weeks have passed since it’s debut and we’ve been graced* with a new music video for It’s You.

The stripped-down video to accompany this moody number is basically three minutes of Zayn eye-fucking a blonde (that bears an uncanny resemblance to his ex-fiance Perrie Edwards) in slow motion. Gigi Hadid clearly got the boot after her Pillow Talk debut – I guess after her Backstreet Boys Lip Sync Battle performance, Zayn wanted to distance himself from anyone and anything boy-band related. That or she was a crappy kisser, but I’m going to go with the former. It’s all good though, because she’s been replaced by ‘Bradley’ from Bates Motel. Take a gander:

*Most likely an entirely incorrect description.