Years & Years are 100% done with your hetero bullshit.

Grab your pink trench coat, we're going to a pansexual orgy.

Would you look at that – Tove Lo’s finished throwing up twinkies in the bathtub and has joined forces with British synth-pop trio Years & Years for a re-release of their single ‘Desire‘ (originally released in November 2014 sans Tove Lo).

Desire already has two, yeah you read that right, TWO separate music videos prior to this one, but it just desperately needed reviving with that Tove Lo touch – even if it does sound like her vocals were recorded on an iPhone 4.  Tove also neglects to make an appearance in the music video, and I guess she’s pretty devvo’d over considering her penchant for sex clubs (at least according to her Habits track).

Personal highlight: someone getting spanked with an umbrella handle.