Since will.i.am was exiled from the music industry after single-handedly destroying The Holy Spearit’s Britney Jean album, he’s back to scream and shout and let it all out with new track ‘Boys & Girls’.

It would appear that the track’s only purpose is to reaffirm Will’s recent statement that the Black Eyed Peas should never have split. AIN’T THAT THE TRUTH, because our lives are seriously lacking in some Fergie-Ferg, so much so that we have to make do with the wild Pia Mia that appears. In the immortal words of Nikki Grahame – WHO IS SHE? WHERE DID YOU FIND HER?

“The girls wanna play with boys and the boys wanna play with girls, and the girls wanna play with girls, boys wanna play with boys, so boy don’t you love this world?” Shut up, just shut up, shut up. God dammit, I’ll even take a Miley Cyrus collab over this. #FeelinMyself