Troye Sivan’s YOUTH is yours. If you want it, of course.

"What if we start to drive?" OMG IDK TROYE.

Some people (mostly people of the middle-aged variety) discredit Youtube musicians, as if to say that someone only deserves a music career if they hustle their way to stardom or become an overnight sensation (a la X-Factor). Reality check – the only reason we know Justin Bieber exists is because of Youtube, so who are you kidding?

While Troye Sivan’s name isn’t a household staple like The Beebz™ (yet), he has gradually (albeit under the radar) snowballed into a Youtube heavyweight and secured a record deal – and not in a Rebecca Black kind of way, either. Troye was even named as one of the most influential teens by Time magazine. Ergo, he’s serious business.

With that, go give Troye’s latest single ‘Youth’ a listen, and lemme know what you think!