Miguel – waves (Tame Impala Remix)

Hopefully the only waves Miguel's riding these days are at the beach and not the scalps of his female fans.

I sort of discarded Miguel as an artist after he flying drop-kicked two ladies during that 2013 Billboard Music Awards performance, and in case you needed a horrifying reminder:

For reasons unknown, there was no subsequent media circus (but heaven forbid that Miley waved a foam finger around on stage at the VMAs, which is far more outrageous than spinal cord injury) and Miguel’s been free to continue working on his musical career after his breakout duet on Mariah Carey’s Beautiful. 

Miguel’s single waves (no capital – serious business) dropped late 2015, but he’s suddenly re-releasing numerous remixes of the track, with the obvious favourite being the vibe-out remix by Australian rock band Tame Impala. Take a listen below – it will most definitely have you yearning for summer, although perhaps you should listen from a distance given Miguel’s reputation.