Jeppo’s back with another single and a chic new hair-do (mullet)!

#DEAD *takes a posthumous selfie*

It appears that even though Carly Slay Jepsen knew it was crazy to ask the guy she just met to call her (maybe), it has (SURPRISE!) resulted in a number of Boy Problems (and no, we’re not talking about morning wood).

Jeppo has regularly name-dropped Cyndi Lauper as a source of inspiration and the music video is a definite nod to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (in this case – Corpses Just Wanna Have Fun & Take Selfies) – which was shot by Toronto’s photographer-on-the-rise, Petra Collins.

Plus, not only is Jeppo sporting a tiara and reppin’ an ethnically diverse set of girlfriends (including a trans girl of colour no less), but the video includes a landline, cell phone, laptop, and a tablet – talk about equal opportunities for our communication devices (#JusticeForCordedTelephones), trollops!