Iggy’s taking a chance like she’s from Chicago.

...and she didn't get the memo that you can't take compressed gas into your hand luggage.

Look who’s back trollops, armed with Ariana Grande’s high-top ponytail and a suitcase full of spray paint, no less. It’s Iggy fucking Azalea, and she’s taking flying in comfortable clothing to a whole new level. Brb, grabbing my saran wrap caftan for my domestic flight to Ottawa.

While there will be many that attempt to compare the subtleties of the video to her 2014 social media backlash, personally, I can only hope this is a live stream of her and her team vandalising Nick Young’s private jet in response to those infidelity allegations. Slight fail though – rapping about a 100K Murcielago while driving a Ferrari – someone’s assistant needs a swift backhand for that glaring error.