If U Seek Slayney – Britney’s Unrecognisable V Magazine Cover

There's only two types of people in the world - the ones that grace the cover of V Magazine, and the ones that observe.

Over the past few weeks, Britney’s Instagram has been wild to say the least. But fear not – you needn’t worry that we’re on the cusp of an umbrella-wielding-2007-Britney V2.0, it’s just a promotional build up to #B9, and all eyes are on The Holy Spearit who’s gracing the cover of the 100th issue of V Magazine.

She’s also serving the tea on her impending new album / how she deals with haters (re: Christina Aguilera fans), but that’s kind of irrelevant because what on (heaven on) Earth happened to Britney’s face? BRITNEY, PLEASE, THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

On stands this week!! @vmagazine and @MarioTestino know how to make mag cover magic. 💜 #V100

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