Halsey – ‘Colors’

Grab your polaroid camera and daddy issues, trollops.

I know what you’re thinking – hudafuq is Halsey and why does she have a relatively high budget music video? Well trollops, allow me to introduce Halsey – another YouTube sensation who managed to carve her own music career from song covers and a successful Taylor swift parody. She’s also one of Justin Bieber’s BFFs, but that’s likely not gaining her any brownie points, right?

Anyway, the fact that it was the T-Swizzle parody that garnered Halsey the most attention is somewhat ironic considering you could easily close your eyes and mistake this song for a B-side from 1989 – which is probably why I like the track so much.

I’mmah also overlook the abhorrent American spelling of coloUrs for the fact that you included the lyric ‘devoid’ into your track, Halsey. Kudos. Plus, a topless Teen Wolf AND mashed potatoes? Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.