Grab your GHD straighteners, it’s time for a girl’s night in with Little Mix!

5 large pizzas, 4 Mixers, 1 awkward FaceTime.

Everyone’s favourite Baby Boy™ is staying on Little Mix’s mind because they’ve only gone and done a bloody collaboration together. Dat’s right, Seany P makes a pseudo appearance in Little Mix’s ‘Hair’ (not to be confused with Gaga’s single of equal name, which shouldn’t even be considered a comparison so shut up already). It even features one of those multiple phone conversation split screens from Mean Girls. Boo, you whore:

Anyone else having an anxiety attack when they’re running up the white stairs with their luminescent hump day cocktails? Just me? K.

For a second there I thought Sean Paul was introduced by delivering pizza – but apparently he was too busy burnin’ dirty so he just FaceTime’s the girls instead.  Side note – Sean Paul has a rose gold iPhone case. Who would’ve guessed?!

Still, any music video that features 5 large pizzas resonates VERY well with me.

P.S. If you need to familiarise yourself with Gaga’s liberating BANGER that’s also called ‘Hair’, then look no further: