Grab a sharpie, it’s time to draw Fifth Harmony like one of your French girls.

Harmonizers, it would appear Fifth Harmony are done with going to work work work work work work work so now they’re using a sick day and giving us some chill (not of the Netflix variety) with ‘Write On Me’ (which could be easily misconstrued as Ride On Me, but that’s a whole different story).

True to any Fifth Harmony track, standout Camilla is basically Nicole Scherzinger-ing the entire group, but SURPRISE, Lauren* finally got a well deserved solo, and what’s more, it’s the bloody bridge! PRAISE BABY JESUS.

What are your thoughts on this tropical-tinged (I see you, Kygo!) track, trollops? I’m just glad that no irrelevant rapper has been featured on the track. Good riddance!

*The only chick without a solo in ‘Worth It’ and ‘Work From Home’.