Demi Lovato – ‘Stone Cold’

Are we out of the woods yet, are we out of... WAIT. Wrong video. Nevermind.

Demi Lovato’s latest music video/personal spin of the Revenant for single Stone Cold thankfully features less low-budget special effects (re: Confident music video) and more Demi wistfully wandering the barren tundra in a pass-me-down outfit from Lady Galadriel from Lord of the Rings.

Keeping it Cool For The Winter, the MV is basically a continuous switch between Demi weeping on a mountain and Demi taking a cheeky bath while wearing a sweater – so essentially documenting the two integral moments of heartache.

I’ve gotta give Demi some credit though, while she’s currently more famed for her all-shade tweeting abilities, she can truly belt out those notes. She come to snatch errbody’s wigs (and by everyone I mean T-Swizzle and Selena) where vocal capability is concerned.