… and here we have it – the obligatory radio hit of the summer.

Prepare yourself for audio overexposure.

Would you look a that, armed with a squad of A-lists, Timberlake’s returning with feel-good summer smash ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling!’, which I suspect will suffer the same fate as Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ i.e. you’ll love it for a week but the overexposure on the radio will eventually drive you to slicing off your own ears with a rusty breadknife.

JT’s also making history performing the track live for Eurovision* 2016 this Saturday – being the first non-contestant to perform an interval act on stage, ergo this is kinda a big deal. Perhaps this was due to Eurovision making it’s first live screening on US TV networks this year. Coincidence? I think not.

*If you don’t know what the-televised-event-of-the-year-also-known-as-Eurovision is, please get off my website and lern2Google.