Alessia Cara ain’t got time for your societal expectations.

If you don't like her 808s, then (in other words) piss off.

If you’re looking for Brampton’s finest, Alessia Cara, then you can find her where the wild things are, and by that I mean you can find her buying a neck choker in Claire’s accessories. Just kidding, you can actually find her in a Toronto car parking lot, which is the perfect backdrop for her ‘Wild Things‘ music video because honestly, have you ever been to a Costco car parking lot on a weekend? ‘Wild’ is a drastic understatement.

Anyway, all you free spirits rejoice, because Alessia’s latest musical contribution follows the misfit appeal of her debut single ‘Here’, in that it’s another empowering anthem to help you shun societal norms and embrace your unique self. Plus, what’s not to love about a video that features coloured flares, animal masks AND Toronto? Nothing. That’s what.